Optimization for Stellar E-Commerce Conversion Rates

E-commerce success depends on a lot of factors that can seem spooky and mysterious.

We get questions from businesses that feel like they’re looking into an attic with just a candle. "Why is cart abandonment so high? Why did this thing do so well when the others did poorly?"

Sometimes defining e-commerce website conversion troubles are obvious. Maybe the site loads too slowly. Maybe it's not mobile-friendly, confusing to navigate, or simply filled with bad content.

Timeout! If you’re already thinking, “Yep, that’s our site,” you can pass “Go” and book a consultation now. You need help ASAP to get your online store selling, selling, selling!

Okay, for everyone else, let’s resume.

Then, there are other times when it's not so obvious. In these common cases, the only definitive way to answer these questions is through regularly analyzing the online store's visitor usage data. User usage research separates good stores from great stores.

The Real Key to E-Commerce Success: A/B Testing

Among all the user usage data we can study, there's one that is the real key to ensuring your e-commerce store is successful after launch. Welcome to the world of A/B testing. A/B testing is when you compare two versions of a website to see which one performs better.

What works for one online store may not work as well—or even at all—for another. By testing just one element at a time, we uncover what gets your customers buying more (and more often).

For example, sometimes the site security icon leads to more sales when it's a lock, versus a shield. Who knew? We do now. Or even, who knows if a blue button would work better than a green one? Or if rounded corners on a button would convert higher than square ones?

Why these things matter is a question for psychologists. We’re just great at making successful e-commerce websites. We believe a huge part of our clients’ successes is because we’re investigators. We're legit website scientists who just want to find out what works for your sake.

We’ve got our beakers. We’ve even got graduated cylinders. Let’s get started before you lose more potential customers!

As a little preview, here are three areas in our e-commerce conversion optimization playbook that we regularly review.

Building Trust in E-Commerce

Buying online is usually a safe bet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some bad apples. Some people have been burned by questionable online stores. We've all heard of otherwise reputable stores that had online data hacked. The site we build are secure. What conveys trust and reliability to each site can change.

Transparency in the Buying Process

Customers don’t like to get to a certain step in the buying process to find out that something important (like shipping fees or handling times) has been hidden from them. It makes people feel tricked. It can make someone angry enough to abandon their cart and head to another store. To prevent the slightest of worries, we test where information should go so that it’s as clear as possible for your customers. When the reality of your store meets their expectations, they’ll have a positive buying experience and come back.

Showing Off E-Commerce Products & Services

An online store should showcase your amazing products as well as your value-added services. You want every aspect of your product to be appealing, clear, and easily browseable. And we know that you’ve got great customer service, but if your information isn’t included in the right places or at the right steps in the buying process, people will lose patience.

That’s just a sample. There is so much more that we can do for conversion optimization in e-commerce. With our experience helping companies succeed at attracting and retaining loyal customers there are lots of important things we can test. Business owners can’t be expected to know all the elements that could be changed to improve their customer’s buying experience. That’s why we’re here. We’ll ask a lot of questions, pull some levers, and get you the best results we can.

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