Get 50% Off Your EE3 Upgrade

ExpressionEngine has announced the end of support for EE2.

That means, if your site is still running on EE2, you might be due for a tune up!

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Chances are it's a really smart investment.

But, let's be fully transparent.
Not all EE2 sites need to upgrade to EE3 right now.

For example...

When Aimee Chan, owner of online magazine, was told by her hosting provider that she needed to upgrade her site to EE3, she contacted us to find out what to do.

After digging a little deeper, we were able to determine that because of its dependence on outdated add-ons, upgrading her site to EE3 would be more costly than its return on investment.

By upgrading her site to the latest EE2 version, we satisfied her server's new PHP requirements for a few more years, saving her the headache of a time consuming and costly upgrade she didn’t really need.


So what we’re saying is that you might need an upgrade. Or you might not.

You should talk to us first to find out.

We're offering a free 15-minute consult and, if needed:

50% off your EE2-to-EE3 upgrade

While most agencies are discounting add-ons, we're the ONLY one discounting the entire upgrade process.
You must book your call before April 30 to qualify for this discount.

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You’re gonna want to get in on this. Not only is it a killer deal, but we’ve put a cap on it.

We’re only accepting 10 sites and you must qualify in advance through a personal call with our team.

No commitment necessary.
We'll just talk a little, advise you about what to do next, and if needed, give you a quote.


Bonus: If you sign up for one our EE maintenance and support packages, we'll do any EE upgrade for FREE and take 50% off the setup fee.